If you don't believe in an Afterlife, where do you go when you die?  Vincent Balestri, best known in Seattle for his long-running hit, Kerouac: the Essence of Jack creates another compelling character, TV talk show host Wade Nomo. 
We join Wade in the midst of his death as he journeys to the other side to confront his beliefs, or rather, his non-belief. 
Sold out at the 2000 Fringe Festival; now with new songs and an expanded "talk show." Wade's Spirit Guide is again played by "the lovely and ephemeral" Kay Morrison
"The skill and almost palpable sincerity of this fine performer creates a fluid meditation on the end of life... Balestri takes no prisoners in a show that  challenges him, and us, to explore what we believe and what we believe we believe." - Seattle Weekly
Wade Nomo: Vincent Balestri
Spirit Guide: Kay Morrison
Producer: Reda Tipton
Set Design: Kevin Deckert
Sound Engineer: Devin Hall
Photographer: Janice Price